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♥ Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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♥ Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wow can't believe that three days have flew past. Today was rather a busy day and a bad one actually.
In the morning we have morning plans to go out for a jog however the mist is so thick we decided to cancel the plan and postpone it to tomorrow. Hope that tomorrow weather will be suitable for a jog.
As for breakfast today we went to blackhawk and have a buffet. The food there was alright but not very good.

Right after breakfast we have a talk from Lily Ann about some cultural information in US. Her talk was very interactive and i really enjoy what she says. She have planned out the workshop carefully with all the activities so that it will not bore us off. I have also learn a lot of things from her for example, what we should except from the host family and what are some of the questions we should ask when we are there.

Next up we finally received our ID for the usage of computers in NIU and we have lunch at the Neptune. I was so full that i only took a bowl of cereal and a plate of fries. Goodness i am going fatter by the days!

We also have the talk from Dr Kate about the Goals and targets for this programme. We also have activities to find out which event that we will be going through will attain these targets.

Last but not least the most interesting event team bonding conducted by Tey. It was fun and interesting especially the different kinds of country showing respect to their seniors. But i want to suggest that next time each country to come up with a game that will help to bring the team together as one.

Looking forward to tomorrow!
Gd Nightzzz

Kah Leong (KL)

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♥ Monday, November 23, 2009

Hi readers, its long every since i last blog. Right now i am in the States the weather here is terrible and i have came down with a flu,a bad one.

last week trip to Genting with the choir was a fun one. On top of all the workshops and presentation, we went to the arcade, do some shopping and of course bowling. Now the Sec 1 members are more experienced as they are being exposed to the workshops and other good choirs like VJC.

I definitely love the workshops conducted by clinicians there, they have a good sense of humour and made the workshop interesting. And also I enjoyed the time spent with my group at the arcade and the bowling alley it was so fun. After this trip i have understand my juniors more and i have also learn how to do debrief, how to plan the time and attire for the next day.

Over there we also have done some choir bonding and i think that everyone love the polar bear game. I hope everyone have a good rest after the trip and i prepared for the school and CCA open house.

The concert on the last day was not that bad but we still can improve on it. Mr Foong says 'the sec 1 and 2 have improved vastly compared to the first day we reached Genting'. Everyone was happy but Choir lets don't be complacent and work towards getting a gold in the next Taiwan competition. That night teachers allow us not to sleep, went to Andrew's room and played cards for the whole night then everyone got so tired that we dozed off.

Came back to Singapore went back home and sleep sleep sleep. Lucky for me my Mum helped me packed my luggage. Following morning went to the airport at 4.15pm to have breakfast with my godma's relative. Took a plane over to Japan (7hours) my ass hurts man! Then at Narita (Japan) we ate Mac and i have to change my US money into Then took another plane to US about 11 hours worse! There was turbulence and for a moment i thought i was going to die! It was a rough ride bad enough!

When we upon arrivals we were fetched to NIU. Almost everyone fell asleep haha you can't imagine how qiu ying slept... We reached the Hostel at around 5pm here and everyone is dead tired cause of the jet lag. But we still have to dragged our feets to dinner before we can sleep. Speaking of this We eat and sleep and sleep and eat on the plane my weight have increase by 5kg haha jk jk.

Day 2
Not a bad day. This day we received our allowance US$150 for a week and we went to the walmart which is like a supermarket which have everything i bought pills for my flu, cough and also vitamin C. I have been sniffing through the entire day what a horrible time. Hope that i will get better tomorrow.

Note: they have notified us that it might be snowing this Wednesday... I am so looking forward to it.

Keep reading my blog!!

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♥ Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey how is everyone... It has been ages ever since i updated my blog.
Recently, i am so stress out, i am always being schedule and have one whole pile of homework to do and hand in... sad sad life.
Wednesday, 10 of us went for the interview for the U.S leadership program together with 4 teachers. It was quite fun actually. Joshua tried to cheer us up and he succeeded... The chicken wing dance haha.

Tomoro is my O level physic first SPA assessment. I hereby wish myself and all those who are taking up the exam tomoro good luck. Be clam and focus guys. WE CAN DO IT XD XD.

Lastly i would like to wish jean a very Happy 15th birthday :D

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♥ Thursday, September 3, 2009

OMG haha i got my IC finally... But i looks so ugly! haha

Today was such a great day i finally recieve my chinese singing competition voucher... (2nd prize)
Wohooo i damn happy can spent money money money.haha

Today maths test i was a failure. Test on E math circle property i totally cannot identify the property. I must do more practice and chiong the end of year. Gonna die but must a least try... JIA You bao bao:D:D

Wa that Kuang yi so gonna die wahahaha... Post my picture

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♥ Sunday, August 23, 2009

My blog is so dead. Sorry readers have not been updating my blog too busy with school work...

Next week will be a terrible week i hope i will survive through.
Tuesday: Bio & physic booster test
Wednesday: English Commontest, Physic class test.
Thursday: Chem QA test
Friday: Geog test

* Math and SBQ test still not confirm...

So next week i will die of studying rawr.

Anyway i cant die this week, the teachers will only kill me after 4 more weeks. Guess whats it is the (EOY!!!!) sob.... Let me do well i dont want to drop any subject. I dont want to be the bottom of class. JIAYOU KAH LEONG!!!

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♥ Saturday, August 8, 2009


Happy Birthday to Wen Jun and Rayner may all your wishes come true. :D

Had an outing with Buttuta(OBS group) today at Vivo it was a fun one although the waiting time was not. You can check out the cool picture of us on my facebook!!!
Just before we went home we went to visit a African shop. The people there are scary they suddenly come behind you and help u wear a necklace. Then expect you to buy. Aiya where got people do business like that one.
And last thing Wen Sheng looks like Harry... A bit.

Thank you to all your birthday wishes:
# Jia Wen
# Michael
# Chunni
# Li Ting
# Yan Mei
# Vivian
# Joshua
# Jeremy goh
# Jasmine
# Jue Hao
# Cindy
# Kuang yi
# Rai Han
# Qiu Ying
# Trevor
# Jue yu
# Ruzianah
# Bin Qiu
# Jerome Heng
# Teesha
# Wen Sheng
# Rayner
# Valerie Goh
# Liyana
# Jan
# Hannah
# Nicholas
# Jacquelyn
# Melissa
# Cheng kai
# Amanda
# Zi Liang
# Ming ruey
# Others ( sorry if i miss ur name)

My God ma side...
# Chin
# Kor kor
# Angeline
# Karen
# Ye ye
# Ma Ma

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Short intro

Soon Kah Leong
8 August 1994 ,Leo
Classes: 1/6 [Ms Ong Yi Min]
2/5 [Mr Peter Lim]
3/5 {Mr Koh Tat Siang}

? Better marks next year
? Watch Harry Potter movies
? Finished all Anthony Horowitz books
? My sister stop begin so childish and grow up
? Grow taller
? excel in sports
? Attend SHE and JJ Lin concert
? Have my own house soon... Still Long
? Get GOOD Results
? Go oversea with friends
? Play in Magic competition
? Chin to return soon
? Kick some Butt

~Jia Hui-Di di
~Jerome heng-Kor kor
~Jacquelyn- Jie Jie
~Zhi Han- Di Di
~Jue Hao- Di Di
~Marcus- Kor Kor
~Ping Yee- Di Di
~Li Wei- Jie Jie
~Shu Yun- Mei Mei
~Harry- Kor Kor
~Kuang yi- Di Di
~Evan- Bro
~Jovina- Jie Jie
~Jian Jia- Di Di
~Trevor- Di Di
~Chew Yen- Jie Jie=7 Aug
~Wen Sheng-Kor Kor=4 May
More coming soon...

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Pearl(Mei mei)
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Bin Xiu
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Mun Yee
Shu Yun(Mei mei)
Li wei
Jia Jing

Zhi Han.Chua(Di di)
Harry(Kor Kor)
Qiu Yuan
Wee Chung

Zhi Han.Chua(Di di)
Jun Jie.Tan(Choir)
Jeremy Teng

Ms Shyam

Fei Lun Hai

choir blog
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Siok Hwee(senior)
Jun Jie
Bao Yi
Jovina.Wong(Jie jie)
Qiu Yuan
OBS friends

Wen Sheng
Chew Yen

Sha Sha
Evan(gd Bro)
Jia Hui(didi) Love for choir...hehe
More coming soon...

♥ Thank you Teachers...

^ Ms Ong Yi Min {1/6}
^ Mrs Loh Mun Fei {1/6}
^ Ms Shyam {1/6, 2/5}
^ Mr Joel Chua {1/6, 2/5}
^ Mr Elife {1/6}
^ Ms Usha (1/6)
^ Ms Tan (1/6)
^ Mr Lim {2/5}
^ Ms Nor {2/5}
^ Mrs Toh {2/5}
^ Mdm Qin {2/5}
^ Ms Teo {2/5}
^ Ms Yeo (2/5)
^ Ms Joanna Teo (2/5)
^ Mrs Yeo {3/5 Chem.}
^ Mr Koh {3/5 Physic}
^ Mrs Ng {3/5 Bio}
^ Ms Jane (3/5 English}
^ Mrs Philip {3/5 Maths}
^ Mrs Abdulla {3/5 Geog)
^ Ms Chu {3/5 C.H}
More coming Soon...

♥ Idols

~ JJ Lin
~ Elvin Ng
~ Nicholas
~ Evan Yo
~ Nat Ho
~ Ping Guan
~ F.I.R
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